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Our Mission


Our Mission is to provide a safe environment for Heroes to recover in Lancaster PA, and the surrounding counties

Our facility offers programs to help our veterans work on their complete health. This is a total health approach that affords opportunity to work on their social, mental, spiritual and physical health as well as recovery from addiction.That safe environment is a Substance Free Veteran Center, ran by veterans. In addition to individual and group therapy rooms, the Veteran Center offers a lounge, café, game room, and learning center.Our facility offers an environment for veterans to have safe social interactions. This fosters healthy behaviors that enable our veterans to take back their lives.  Our Goal is to help our Veterans recover and regain their positions in our community as leaders and mentors .

“We want to provide a facility that not only supports sobriety and mental health, but is a fun place to be.”  Edward Poorman, President


"Your Six"

When A veteran says they have “Your Six”, they’re letting you know that they have your back. They are covering your blind spots. They are accepting responsibility for taking care of what you can’t see. It’s a level of commitment and trust that is unparalleled. 

At your Six Veteran Services, that is the commitment that we offer to our brothers and sisters in arms. We are offering a safe environment where veterans can let their guard down. We feel that it is that security that will afford them the opportunity to accept help with challenges they are facing that are preventing them from being productive members of society.  

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Operation Center

Your Six Veteran Services  operation's center is located at 925 North Duke Street, Lancaster, PA 17602.

Your Six has partnered with St Anne's Church. Your Six Veteran Services has aligned our mission with St Anne's to be a beacon of light to the community as we seek to provide nourishment to the Veteran Community's mind, body and soul. 

It is our goal to utilize this facility to encourage positive change  in the lives of our members. Our total health approach addresses the Veterans, Mind, body and spirit. 

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals to provide a  safe facility for our veterans as well meet their recovery needs through quality support programs. Act now to be a part of our support team. Your generous donation will fund our mission!

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